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Asphalt & Concrete Repair

This is a picture of an asphalt and concrete repair.

The weather in San Marcos is great to live in, but it’s tough on asphalt and concrete. 

If your asphalt or concrete installations are:

  • Bumpy, or have surface irregularities
  • Slick and hazardous after a rain
  • Compromised with cracks or potholes
  • Just looking the worse for wear

San Marcos Paving Pros can perform a complete repair for you using the latest equipment, top-notch construction expertise and premium grade materials. 


Got Cracks in Your Asphalt or Concrete? Don’t Ignore Them!

Small cracks become big cracks surprisingly fast. Worse, it only takes a few serious rains for a crack to turn into a big, ugly pothole. 

Here’s how we can help. 

We’ll patch your cracks the right way, fixing the underlying structure as well as giving your surfaces a cosmetic facelift. 

Once your cracks are repaired we’ll apply a top layer of polymer based sealant, fully restoring your paving area to its former glory. 


Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating has to be one of the most cost effective options for rejuvenating a paved surface. 

If you have an asphalt area which looks a bit shabby, a good sealcoat can make a huge difference. Not only will sealcoating restore your asphalt’s weather and erosion resistance, it’ll look great too. 


Concrete Repair

Concrete is tricky stuff. Anyone can mix a bit of concrete and pour it, blindly hoping for the best. 

But without knowing the chemistry and the finer nuances of application, more often than not you’ll just make the original problem a whole lot worse!

San Marcos Paving Pros will perform a free site assessment, giving you a full update on your concrete repair options. 

We’re fast, we know what we’re doing and you can rest assured your repaired concrete area will last. 


Why Hire Us?

  • We’re concrete and asphalt experts. We have the materials, equipment and expertise to get the job done in a few hours, freeing up your weekend!
  • We use premium materials. Our installations will remain durable and functional for years to come. 
  • We’re professionals, which means no bad surprises for you. offers a free site appraisal, a costed construction plan and a schedule we’ll stick to. 

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