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San Marcos Paving Pros are experts in concrete and asphalt installations. 

We’re a locally run company and our goal is to provide the best quality concrete and asphalt paving, parking lots, walkways and repairs in San Marcos. 

Everything about our business—from the team we employ to our equipment and materials, are geared specifically toward asphalt and concrete—and that makes us your best choice for a quality installation at an affordable cost. 

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Our Services

We’re experts at everything to do with asphalt and concrete. This includes but isn’t limited to: 

This is a picture of an asphalt paving.
  • Premium asphalt and mixer used
  • Professional on-site team who specialize in asphalt paving and sealcoating
  • Low maintenance and hassle-free installation
  • Crack, pothole and crumble resistant product
  • Correctly graded surface to permit surface water runoff
This is a picture of an asphalt and concrete repair.
  • All of our repairs are based on a site assessment, cost-estimate and a firm delivery schedule. You’ll know exactly what you are getting in advance. 
  • Cracks, potholes and surface irregularities will all be patched, not just to create an aesthetic improvement, but to address the underlying structural problem
  • Concrete slabs which are drifting apart will be connected to create a safe, regular surface
  • Full sealcoating of asphalt surfaces to ensure further wear is prevented
  • Professional on-site team who know the materials and local conditions
This is a picture of an asphalt sealcoating.
  • Wherever possible we’ll recommend sealcoating as a quick, inexpensive solution for minor surface damage
  • Our process uses the latest equipment
  • We don’t cut corners on materials and apply an additional layer of polymer sealant to ensure your asphalt is as protected from elements and vehicle damage as possible
  • We provide a detailed site-assessment, including an analysis of the underlying base material
This is a picture of an asphalt and concrete repair.
This is a picture of a driveway paving.
This is a picture of an asphalt sealcoating.
  • Constructed to be both highly durable and aesthetically pleasing
  • A range of finishes offered, including stamped, stained and texture finishes, increasing your home or commercial property’s curb appeal
  • High traction concrete finishes for foot traffic areas
  • Pothole, crumbling and crack resistant
This is a picture of a concrete paving.
  • Commercial grade materials used for maximum durability in high foot and vehicle traffic areas
  • Aesthetic options available to match any existing commercial exterior design
  • We can provide a phased construction schedule to ensure your commercial property remains open to public access at all times
  • To minimize your business disruption, we use a big crew to ensure the job is done as quickly as possible
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  • Available in concrete or asphalt, with a range of finishes
  • Crack, pothole and crumbling resistant. Built to withstand harsh Texas weather conditions
  • Constructed quickly and efficiently to an agreed costing and schedule. You’ll always know what you’re going to get in advance
  • We’re experts at delivering a highly durable result with a ton of curb appeal
This is a picture of a driveway paving.

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